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To better address the individual needs of patients, leading dermatology practices are moving past one-size-fits-all prescriptions to more customized medications for conditions ranging from short-term acne breakouts to longer-term melasma or rosacea challenges. 

Beyond the prescription, doctors are layering skincare products to create a multimodal approach for improved patient outcomes. Dermatology is becoming the first choice for beauty solutions with many people trusting a doctor-first approach to reduce the signs of aging. 

This emerging continuum-of-care revolution across Rx and skincare is also what truly sets SKNV apart. We are the solution that empowers dermatology practices with Four-Corner Coverage to better manage the skin needs of patients from every angle.

Customized ePrescriptions

Dermatologists in the United States already have access to SKNV’s customized medications in their EMR. With more than 90 unique formulations covering all major skin conditions, practices can start ePrescribing customized potencies of tretinoin, niacinamide, hydroquinone or any of the most popular topical treatments in dermatology. And by minimizing or eliminating inactive ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin, SKNV is a game-changer for the up to 70% of patients dealing with sensitive skin.

Simply select ‘SKNV Pharmacy’ from your EMR and enter a Rx name from to unlock the power of customized medications for your patients today. Our digital health platform does the rest with affordable cash prices and free shipping – removing the hassle of prior authorization from health insurers.

Automatic Refills

Taking care of the rest means delivering a state-of-the-art ecommerce patient experience that makes following the doctor’s prescribed regimen both easy and affordable. SKNV combines an SMS- and browser-based experience that delivers both timely patient communications and the ability to sign up for a variety of auto-refill options including a 15% discount for a 90-day supply. Most importantly, all SKNV refills feature free shipping, so patients have a clear path toward better treatment compliance and the healthier skin they’re working to achieve with their dermatologist.

Skincare eCommerce

Today’s practices have a significant opportunity to share in the revenue consumers spend on daily skincare at their favorite retailers. The key is having a viable way to sell skincare to patients between office visits with an online store that’s available 24/7. With sknvcare, dermatology practices are instantly in the ecommerce business without any of the costs of buying skincare inventory.

Every time a related online purchase of sknvcare is made, your practice receives 50% of the transaction after pick/pack/ship costs in exchange for your sales support to existing patients. There are no inventory requirements, sales commitments or extra hoops to jump through – just an opportunity for dermatologists to share in the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by your patients on daily skincare. Enjoy passive revenue as your patients buy local-online all year long with sknvcare in your corner.

Practice Inventory

For practices seeking the full revenue potential of the SKNV system, in-office dispensing is one option compounding companies can’t match. Because SKNV is an FDA-registered 503B facility, our customized medications are made to a higher standard than 503A pharmacies. As such, the FDA enables doctors to dispense these CGMP-made medications directly to patients at the time of visit. This means all Rx sold in-office now becomes part of your ongoing revenue stream.

SKNV offers an easy dispensing program that starts at just nine cases per month. For most practices, these nine cases (108 Rx bottles) represent ~12% of monthly prescription volume and can be quickly adjusted when you need more. The combination of in-office dispensing with online refills creates a total offering that also stops direct-to-consumer companies from stealing your patients.

From the targeted simplicity of customized ePrescriptions with free shipping to the unmatched convenience and new revenue opportunities of in-office dispensing, no other company can match all that SKNV enables your practice to deliver.