Customized Medications Directly From Your Practice

One size does not fit all in dermatology medicine. SKNV supports dermatologists seeking the right custom medicines to target a diverse set of patients and skin conditions.

Mass-produced medicines have many inactive ingredients and potential allergens that may not be compatible with every patient. With SKNV, physicians are able to order custom medicines for in-practice dispensing to target individual patient needs.

SKNV enables doctors to retake control of their prescribing choices.

Your Customized Dermatology System

Top Questions

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Yes, If given the choice three out of four (75%)  Americans would prefer to have their prescription(s) filled in their doctor’s office instead of a retail pharmacy. 84% feel it would be more convenient and 62% feel it would help them better manage their health.
*Research was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation.

Studies have shown that up to 30% of patients never get their prescriptions filled. When patients leave your office with medication in hand, compliance rates dramatically increase. In-practice dispensing of custom medicine has several benefits for patients. Custom medicines are created to better meet the medical needs of your patients. The cost can be significantly less, eliminating the need to work through insurance approvals. Your patients leave with their medicine in hand. 

With the added convenience of in-practice dispensing, you consult with your patient right when they get their medicine versus sending them to a pharmacy. You get to have an open discussion about medication intervals, completing the regimen as directed and instructing them of potential interactions with any other medications you know they are taking. Compliance with drug therapy is 60% to 70% better when medications are delivered at the point-of-care when compared to a written prescription. Care and satisfaction are quickly improved because you monitor your patient’s process and progress while providing concierge-level service for your patients.

You will spend the about same amount of time on prescription related issues as you do today (on average 1-1.5 hours a day per Physician). Currently, that time is spent making your practice no revenue. By dispensing prescriptions, you convert lost time into revenue for your practice, while providing better care for your patients.

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Yes, physicians are allowed to dispense medications in most states. The patient must be yours and the medication must be distributed in your practice environment. There are other guidelines and restrictions you should be aware of as they can vary state-by-state. Contact one of our SKNV Consultants to discuss the guidelines and restrictions within your state.

To date, none of our customers have reported an increase in premiums as a result of in-practice dispensing.

The rules vary by state. Our SKNV Consultants can assist you in understanding what is needed for your state.

Yes, all of our software for managing your dispensing needs is HIPAA compliant.

Dermatology Testimonials

The customized medications advertised on this site are made by SKNV, an FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility that specializes in customized medications to meet unique patient needs. The health care practitioner will determine if the medication makes a clinical difference for the individual patient. The FDA does not review medications made in an outsourcing facility for any particular indication, safety or efficacy. SKNV makes no claim that its customized medications are safer or more effective than a commercially available drug. Any references to “common usages” should not be interpreted as recommendations or claims regarding the clinical indication of any medication, nor that SKNV medications are indicated for any particular use.

SKNV has been such a valuable part of our care for our patients, providing them with the needed medications that they would otherwise not be able to obtain. Quality, cost and convenience has served our patients well.

I added SKNV in office dispensing to my practice in 2015 which has been a huge asset for my patients and my practice. No longer will my patients have to pay the outrageous cost for their topical medications when they can purchase SKNV for a fraction of the cost. The quality of these pure medications is superb, and I can feel confident that my patients are getting the best treatment for their skin problem. SKNV has been well received by my patients, and the convenience of point of care service is unbeatable.

Medications that have not been accessible to our patients are now readily available and affordable for our patients. Partnering with SKNV has helped streamline our patient care.

Nothing is more frustrating than prior authorizations. As healthcare providers, we prescribe medication in order to help our patients. However, if paperwork doesn’t “prove” it, the medication is denied. Between the denials and appeals, a patient is suffering. SKNV is the YES, when insurances say NO. SKNV has not only saved my practice time and money, but has allowed us to focus on one thing, PATIENT CARE. By having medications readily available, patients are able to start treatment as soon as they leave the office. This make us happy and our patients happy. The feedback received from our patients are positive and our referrals have increased due to patient satisfaction. Thank you, SKNV.

Providing quality and necessary medications at affordable prices to patients has become an almost Herculean task over the last 5 years. SKNV has reinvented and reinvigorated my ability to change people’s lives through improving their skin. Clean ingredients also means less speculation on adverse effects caused by the treatments I offer. I look forward to working with SKNV in the future and its ever growing benefits to our practice.

Adding SKNV to our clinic has been AWESOME not only for us but especially for our patients! For our patients it has been much more convenient than waiting around in a pharmacy but more importantly it has increased patient compliance. For our clinic it saves the providers and staff time not having to deal with pharmacy call backs. SKNV has been the ideal win-win for both our clinic and our patients.

SKNV has been a game changer in my practice. No longer do I have to deal with my patients not getting the medications I know will make them better. They also are delightful to know the price it will cost them at the visit, rather than being surprised at the pharmacy.

I love knowing my patients are getting and are able to afford the medication I prescribe. Also, after hearing about medication being made overseas and the lack of regulation and quality assurance, knowing my medications are made in an FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility in the USA is important to me.

SKNV has given me a reliable prescription line for my diverse patient population since 2015. The medications are excellent allowing me to customize prescriptions for my patients affordably all with superb customer service!

SKNV revolutionized my patients’ access to medications, thus successful treatments. Since 2017, my clinic has offered about 15 SKNV Prescription Compound cognates for expensive prescription medications. Our patients absolutely love the SKNV Compounds and purchase repeatedly. SKNV provides highly effective and affordable product options, reducing my clinic’s prior authorization burden. Thanks PC!!!

Working with SKNV since 2015 has been great for our patients! Being able to provide custom prescription medication to our patients at the time of their visit has proven to be invaluable to the patient experience. I look forward to a continued partnership!

The variety of therapeutic options, plus reasonable pricing, represent a true win for patients. SKNV is a solution whose time has come.

Our office prefers SKNV medications as part of our patient treatment regimens. Patients love the convenience of obtaining their prescriptions in-house and the decreased cost over prescription medications found at their local pharmacy.

I have been a dermatology Physician Assistant for eight years and SKNV has been a real game changer for me. It allows me to prescribe medications that are effective and affordable. My patients love the convenience of getting their prescriptions in our office and I love giving them access to medications specifically formulated for their needs.

In these days of increasing medication cost and uncertain quality of generics, it is so beneficial to be able to offer my patients quality prescription compounds from SKNV. SKNV has been an asset to my practice.

With SKNV, we are able to offer our patients an affordable and effective medication solution. Our patients are able to leave our office with their medications in hand, at a reduced cost, and without the worries of insurance coverage. It helps our patients greatly, and it helps us to know that they are actually getting the medications that they need.

SKNV provides an excellent level of quality and efficacy in their medications. I appreciate the ability to provide my patients with unique combinations of medications that don’t exist in the retail pharmacy.

What I love most about working with SKNV is the increase in patient compliance. My patients have my medications in their hands before they leave my office. This is a huge plus because there are a number of studies which show the number of people who leave prescriptions unpicked up at a pharmacy is extremely large.

With SKNV we have been able to offer our patients an in-house compounded medication that is often the equivalent of 2 or 3 other topicals at a fraction of the cost. Our patients appreciate the convenience and price.

SKNV has been excellent for our practice and very easy to use. Communications and their portal are very user friendly. The Rx medications are excellent in quality and consistency.

I love to prescribe customized medications because they are effective and affordable. A medication that a patient may have to pay $300 for at a pharmacy, they can receive for only $65 in my practice. Additionally, giving my patients customized medications at the point of care increases patient compliance. SKNV lets me prescribe customized medications because they can contain multiple ingredients. As a result, I do not have to prescribe multiple medications and it is cost effective for the patient. I also know that my patients are getting exactly what I prescribed.

SKNV custom medication is is extremely useful in our office because it gives our patients access to high quality, affordable, topical medicine with amazing therapeutic responses which they may not otherwise be able to afford.

We are excited to continue our partnership with SKNV! Over the last few years, SKNV has helped us to provide higher quality of care for our patients, as well as reduce administrative burdens for our staff. Patients often tell us they can’t get the medicine we prescribe for their dermatology conditions because insurance won’t cover it or the cost is too high. By introducing the in-office prescription program, we found that patients are more satisfied (and more compliant!) because they are able to walk out the door with their prescription in hand; no more waiting in line at the pharmacy or dealing with prior authorizations. In addition, we often find the cost of the SKNV prescription to be cheaper than the patient’s copay. SKNV continues to listen to our feedback and are constantly working to improve their services to streamline operations. We are grateful to have the opportunity to provide this service to our patients!

As a healthcare provider, SKNV made it extremely easy for our patients to be more compliant with medications. The cost of prescriptions have increased along with healthcare costs, which makes it difficult for our patients to receive the medications they need. It is so convenient for patients to pick up their medication in office at the time of visit.

Our patients enjoy having the option to save time and money by filling their prescriptions while they are in the office. It’s a one stop shop.

Having an affordable alternative for common acne and rosacea medications has been a great service for our patients and makes my job easier as a physician. Knowing the price the patients will pay, that they can pick up their medications the day of their appointment and that the medications work makes my job much easier. No call backs from the pharmacy, patients or barriers- they get their medication and start treatment.

As both a general and cosmetic Dermatologist, our office sees a tremendous need for affordable and effective medications for our patients as insurances keep changing in coverage. SKNV was instrumental in fulfilling that need in the national market since so many dermatology medications are either not covered by insurance companies or the cash price was exorbitantly high. SKNV has always been responsive to the physicians that they serve but most of all to the patients who desperately need the medications. I understand that insurance companies feel that many dermatology medications are unnecessary but try explaining that to a patient who is in need. SKNV understands that and has always priced their medications affordably.

SKNV allows us the ability to devise a customized treatment regimen for our patients which is often at a much more affordable price. With SKNV, we can treat an individual with a treatment plan that is very specific to their needs at a very affordable price. SKNV allows us so many more treatment options and products that previously had not been available to our patients until now. The flexibility of the medicines available to us as prescriber’s has transformed the way that we can treat our patients at a very reasonable price. SKNV is a game changer for us as providers as it allows our patients access to medications and treatment plans that historically have been too expensive or not even available. SKNV allows us as providers to customize medications to address an individual’s specific needs at a very affordable price. The quality of the medications at SKNV is second to none with efficacy at a price point that we have never see before. SKNV allows us to prescribe a customizable treatment plan to suit an individual’s needs while skipping prior authorizations in an ethical and affordable way that we have never seen before. In the current medical climate with insurance companies dictating how we can manage our patients it is nice to have the ability to prescribe a customized treatment plan to our patients while skipping the burden of prior authorizations. SKNV allows us an affordable solution to treat our patients as we see fit with the highest quality of medications and proven efficacy.

I have been a prescriber of SKNV almost since its inception. The quality as well as the versatility of options that is gives me and the cost effectiveness and convenience for my patients is fantastic. I particularly find useful all the acne and melasma combination products. They are daily go-to products. Love the concept.

Before partnering with SKNV it was hard to predict the quality of the medications our patients would get from pharmacies. With known allergens and preservatives in commercially available medications, we love being able to provide fresh medications and knowing exactly what our patients are getting. The overall patient experience has dramatically improved with the ability to pick up their custom Rx in house!