Frequently Asked Question by providers

Do patients want their medication in their doctor's office?

Yes! Three out of four (75%) of Americans would prefer to have their prescription(s) filled in their doctor’s office instead of a retail pharmacy if given the choice. 84% feel it would be more convenient, and 62% feel it would help them better manage their health. Every month, over 25k patients fill SKNV prescriptions.

Is it right for my patients?

Studies have shown that up to 70% of patients who encounter prior authorization don’t receive the original prescribed medication, but a substitute. Physicians know what works best for their patients. This allows you, the provider, to customize your patient’s medication regimen to ensure they receive the best medication for them. It also offers the convenience of dispensing during their visit and reduces out-of-pocket expenses compared to their pharmacy copays. When patients leave the office with medication in hand, their understanding is enhanced, their compliance rates increase and their outcomes are improved.

When was SKNV founded?

Founded in March 2014, SKNV has been dedicated to improving healthcare delivery by enhancing the accessibility of essential Rx dermatology medications and reducing dependency on complex supply chains.

How does it improve my patients' care and satisfaction?

Aside from the convenience of dispensing in-office, you have the benefit of face-to-face prescription consultations as your patients receive their medication. You get to have an open discussion with them about taking the medications, the intervals, completing the regimen as directed, and verbally warning them of interactions that may occur with any other medications you know they are taking. Compliance with drug therapy is 60-70% better when medications are delivered at the point of care than when patients are handed a written prescription. Care and satisfaction are quickly improved because you can monitor your patients’ process and progress while providing concierge-level service for your patients.

How are SKNV medications prescribed?

SKNV offers two convenient options for providers:

  • Dispense-In-Office: Providers can prescribe from a selection of customized medications via their EMR, offering easy, no-cost shipping without prior authorization requirements. Patients can receive their medications in the comfort of their homes avoiding a visit to the pharmacy.
  • Direct-to-Patient Shipping: Patients can be prescribed their medications in the office, receive a supply for 90 days, and leave with their medication in hand, along with the option for a refill reminder.

How can I increase my practice's revenue with in- office dispensing?

This opportunity is 100% within your control. Please speak with your consultant for a custom proforma.

Will it save me time and money?

Practices can spend up to 20 hours a week on prior authorizations alone. It is common for doctors’ practices to spend as much time dealing with insurance companies as they do with their patients. The approximate cost of this has been estimated to be over $80,000 annually.

Is in-office dispensing legal?

Yes, physicians are allowed to dispense medications, however, regulations vary by state. Contact one of our consultants to discuss the guidelines and restrictions within your state.

Do I need a special license to dispense medication?

The rules vary by state. Your consultants can assist you in understanding what is needed for your state.

What is the name of the medication?

Each medication is identified by its proprietary name, which is on the label.