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Addressing the Time Drain of Prior Authorizations with SKNV's Solution

Nothing is more frustrating than prior authorizations. As healthcare providers, we prescribe medication in order to help our patients. However, if paperwork doesn’t “prove” it, the medication is denied. Between the denials and appeals, a patient is suffering. SKNV is the YES, when insurances say NO. SKNV has not only saved my practice time and money, but has allowed us to focus on one thing, patient care. By having medications readily available, patients are able to start treatment as soon as they leave the office. This make us happy and our patients happy. The feedback received from our patients are positive and our referrals have increased due to patient satisfaction. Thank you, SKNV. Michelle Itidiare, DNP – Cranford, NJ

As a dermatologist, your dedication to patient care extends far beyond clinical expertise. However, the growing administrative burdens imposed by insurance companies can significantly impede the efficiency of your practice, affecting the quality of care you provide. Among these challenges, one of the most draining tasks is undoubtedly the process of prior authorizations.

Maximizing Patient Care by Alleviating Prior Authorization Demands

Dermatology practices spend up to 20 hours a week solely on prior authorization requests. That’s a staggering amount of time—time that could be better utilized in direct patient care, refining treatment plans, or simply allowing for a more balanced work-life dynamic.

Prior authorizations are notorious for slowing down patient care. They demand hours of paperwork, phone calls, and back-and-forth communications with insurance companies. This process, while necessary in many cases, is an undeniable hurdle in providing timely and effective treatments to your patients.

At SKNV, We Understand the Important Role Time Plays in Patient Care.

That’s why our platform revolutionizes the dermatology landscape by eliminating the need for prior authorizations altogether. With SKNV, you’re liberated from this administrative burden, allowing you to refocus your time and energy where it matters most—directly with your patients.

Our goal is to empower dermatologists and your practices to prioritize what truly counts: patient-centered care. Instead of wrestling with paperwork, you can dedicate your expertise to customizing treatments, understanding patient concerns, and crafting solutions tailored to their unique needs.

By choosing SKNV, you're choosing efficiency without compromising quality.

Our innovative system streamlines the process, ensuring that you have immediate access to the medications your patients require, bypassing the bureaucratic hurdles that often delay care.

Imagine the freedom of prescribing without the anxiety of waiting for insurance approvals. With SKNV, it’s not just a vision—it’s a reality. We believe that when dermatologists are liberated from administrative shackles, they can fully unleash their potential to transform patient outcomes and experiences.

Join us in embracing a new era of dermatological care.

Let’s shift the focus back to where it belongs: the patient. Together, we can redefine how dermatology practices operate, allowing for more efficient, effective, and compassionate care.

Take the leap with SKNV and rediscover the joy of practicing dermatology without the constraints of prior authorizations. Your patients deserve nothing less than your undivided attention and expertise, and SKNV is here to make that possible.