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Inzdeaxiavar Gel



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Common Usage


30 gm pump
Key Inactives

Free from common irritants and harmful ingredients

This SKNV medication is specifically formulated to be free from the following known irritants and common allergens:

How to send a 

Inzdeaxiavar Gel

prescription through your EMR

Select ‘SKNV Pharmacy’ in the prescribing section of your EMR.

You can locate SKNV in your EMR by one of the following:

  • Name – SKNV Pharmacy
  • NABP – 5730216
  • Zip Code – 33069
  • City – Pompano Beach, FL
Enter '
Inzdeaxiavar Gel
' in your EMR.

Enter the SKNV medication name found in column 1.
All medications are already loaded in your EMR.

Make sure the patient’s cell phone is the primary contact in your EMR, then submit the prescription.

Let your patient know they will receive a text message to pay for the prescription.
Once payment is made and the RX is dispensed, the patient will receive a text message with the tracking information.

Let your patients save up to 15% on a 90-day RX supply by entering “Authorize 90DS” into the “Notes” field in your EMR.

The customized medications advertised on this site are made by SKNV, an FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility that specializes in customized medications to meet unique patient needs. The health care practitioner will determine if the medication makes a clinical difference for the individual patient. The FDA does not review medications made in an outsourcing facility for any particular indication, safety or efficacy. SKNV makes no claim that its customized medications are safer or more effective than a commercially available drug. Any references to “common usages” should not be interpreted as recommendations or claims regarding the clinical indication of any medication, nor that SKNV medications are indicated for any particular use.