Medical Aesthetic Providers Combat Aging with Laser Resurfacing, Using Soothing Numbing Cream to Ease Pain

The Role of Numbing Creams in Laser Resurfacing for Anti-Aging Treatments

Turning back the hands of time is elusive at best, and Gail had known this for as long as she could remember. But as she approached her milestone birthday, she faced a perplexing challenge. She was now almost 20 years older and not as confident about her looks as she once was. When she looked in the mirror, she hardly recognized the older version of herself that stared back.

Determined to make a change, Gail sought a more youthful appearance. She believed laser skin resurfacing might help restore her shattered self-confidence. She consulted with her dermatologist at the Med Spa in her neighborhood and learned that laser skin resurfacing could improve skin texture, tone, and pigmentation. However, a major challenge of the procedure was pain. Her dermatologist assured her that, with today’s focus on pain management, a topical numbing ointment would be used, ensuring her comfort throughout the procedure.

SKNV’s Customized Topical Numbing Ointment Brings Comfort in Dermatologic Procedures

Gail’s dermatologist used SKNV’s customized topical numbing ointment containing benzocaine, tetracaine, and lidocaine, which the dermatologist determined would make a clinical difference for Gail compared to over-the-counter products. She remained comfortable and relaxed during the procedure and was extremely pleased with the results.

“Our dermatology Rx numbing line addresses the need for pain management,” said Nathalie de Champlain, SKNV CMO. “The numbing medications come in various combinations of creams and ointments, available in pumps, enabling dermatologists to easily match the potency and active ingredients to the specific needs of each patient.”

Historically, procedures such as shave biopsies, curettage, and even more intense treatments required IV sedation for pain relief. However, modern superficial skin resurfacing techniques like fractional laser and plasma skin resurfacing have benefited greatly from the effectiveness of topical anesthetics, reducing the need for more invasive anesthesia methods.

What Provider's Say:

Jennifer Reichel, MD, from Frontier Dermatology, added, “SKNV produces excellent topical medications for skin rejuvenation and dermatologic procedures. I am particularly grateful for their topical numbing cream. It acts quickly and can significantly improve pain management for a wide range of dermatologic treatments, from freezing small growths to performing full-face skin resurfacing.”

Tailoring Topical Anesthetic to Patient Needs with SKNV's Customizable Numbing Medications

With various options available for topical anesthesia, dermatologists must consider individual patient criteria, including medical history and the specific laser procedure being performed, when selecting the active ingredients. SKNV’s broad range of numbing medications allows practices to select different ingredient concentrations based on their specific needs.

Your Practice is Our Priority

SKNV is committed to customizing medications for a variety of dermatological conditions through its FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility. By incorporating SKNV topical numbing cream along with laser resurfacing, dermatologists gain access to a wide array of treatments for conditions like acne, rosacea, and melasma, all tailored to the specific needs of their patients. A full list of SKNV’s medications is available at

The synergy between anti-aging technology and advancements in pain management with topical numbing medication has positioned SKNV as a leading provider of dermatologic pain management solutions. Incorporating SKNV topical numbing medications into their repertoire of anti-aging and clinical dermatologic treatments enables physicians to enhance patient experiences.

Discover more about SKNV Topical Numbing Medications and take the next step towards advancing patient care in dermatology.

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