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SKNV Topical Numbing Cream & Ointments

Affordable Quality: SKNV topical anesthetics are high-quality and competitively priced, manufactured in an U.S. FDA-Registered 503B with a steadfast dedication to patient satisfaction.

Tailored Efficiency: Our numbing creams and ointments come in a variety of strengths and delivery vehicles, from fast-acting to long-lasting, streamlining in-office procedures and reducing inventory costs.


Prescription Numbing Medications Making a Clear Clinical Difference for Your Patients.

Made from an FDA-Registered 503B, SKNV’s custom formulations are free of unnecessary inactive ingredients and designed for precision application.

Optimize your procedure comfort with SKNV’s potent, triple-anesthetic BLT formulas. Perfect for a range of in-office procedures — from microneedling to injections — our creams and ointments boast a higher anesthetic concentration for superior effectiveness.

SKNV Numbing Cream

Revolutionize Your Practice

Rx Topical Anesthetics Designed for Your Needs

With our numbing formulations in your office, you can stop worrying about supply disruptions and quality control issues and focus on delivering the best service to your patients.

Our convenient pump enables you to dispense SKNV numbing cream for multiple patients, minimizing the risk of contamination created by dispensing from a jar. 

Choose your strength with our various BLT Ointments and Numbing Creams, including a benzocaine-free variant.

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SKNV Numbing Cream

Please note the following states cannot order the numbing medications: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Maine, North Dakota, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia. The customized medications advertised on this site are made by SKNV, an FDA-registered 503B Outsourcing Facility that specializes in customized medications to meet unique patient needs. The prescribing doctor will determine if the medication makes a clinical difference for the individual patient. The FDA does not review medications made in an outsourcing facility for any particular indication, safety or efficacy.